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100% of the proceeds from everything purchased in this section go directly to helping John Catt and his family. 


On Saturday, October 2nd John Catt was taking his grand-daughter for a walk in her stroller in their neighborhood. Someone ran a stop sign and was driving too fast in the neighborhood so John said “slowdown, I got a baby here”. The guy got out of the car and punched John in the face giving him a black eye and he fell to the ground. John stood back up and stood in front of his grand-daughter to protect her (she’s 10 months old) and the guy proceeded to beat John. Thankfully one of their neighbors happened to be driving around the corner and scared them off . John was laying in the middle of the street beat up with his grand-daughter in the stroller right next to him. Thankfully his grand-daughter was not harmed! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about John.

The ambulance took him to the hospital. He is in the hospital with a black eye, mild concussion, 5 fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, broken shoulder blade and decreased oxygen levels, air pockets in his chest and breathing irregularly. 
This fund is for medical bills and anything the family would possibly need. Anything will help and will also be grateful appreciated!!
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